4231 Probe Master Differential Probe 1:20/200


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The 4231 is designed to safely analyze floating signals. The built in amplifier scales
and converts the high voltage differential input to a low, voltage single-ended BNC output,
compatible with any oscilloscope. The inputs are useful in measurements of power semiconductor circuits,
robotic drives, NC machines and the latest switching circuits.

-Switching Power Supply Design
-Motor Drive Design
-Electronic Ballast Design
-CRT Display DesignFeatures
-Up to +1400V (DC +Peak AC) Differential
and Common Mode
-Safety Certified
-Economical CostPrice Includes
-Black Storage Box
-Red & Black Sprung Hooks
-Calibration Certificate
-4ea AA Batteries
-9 VDC Adapter
Model 4231 Specifications
Bandwidth DC to 25 MHz (-3dB)
Attenuation Ratio 1:20/200
Accuracy  +/- 2%
Rise Time 14ns
Input Impedance 4 Mohm//5.5pF each side to ground
 Input Voltage)**
-Differential Range-Common Mode Range
-Absolute Max. Voltage(Differential or Common Mode)
140 Vrms and +/- 140V(DC + Peak AC) @ 1/20
1000 Vrms and +/-1400V(DC + Peak AC)@ 1/2001000 Vrms and +/-1400V(DC + Peak AC) @ 1/20 & 1/200
1000 Vrms and +/-1400V(DC + Peak AC) @ 1/20 & 1/200 CAT III at 1/20 & 1/200
Output Voltage
-Offset (typical)
-Noise (typical)
-Source Impedance (typical)
+/- 7V( into 50 kohm load)
50 ohm (for using 1 Mohm input system oscilloscope)
CMMR (typical) -80dB @ 50 Hz, -60dB @ 20kHz
Ambient Operating Temperature -10 to 40 degrees centigrade
Ambient Storage Temperature -30 to 70 degrees centigrade
Ambient Operating Humidity Up to 85% RH
Ambient Storage Humidity Up to 85% RH
Power Requirements* – Standard-4 x AA Cells , 9VDC/40mA Mains Adapter (Both Included)
-Options-USB Power cord Power leads
Length of BNC Cable 37″
Length of Input Leads 17″
Dimensions 7 1/4″ x 2 3/4″ x 1″
Weight .583 lb
Plugs 4mm Banana plugs – Use with accessories below

* a. The supplied voltage must be less than 12V and greater than 4.4V, or the probe could be damaged or will not operate properly.
b. polarity is “+” inside and “V” outside. For wrong polarity, built-in circuit protects the probe, no danger or damage will occur.
c. When the voltage of the cells become too low, the power indicator on the panel will flicker.

** (Input Voltage)The differential and common mode voltage range is the operating voltage range and the absolute voltage range is the safety voltage range.