EEVBlog HVP70 70MHz Differential Probe


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An essential tool for safe high voltage or non-grounded measurement on any oscilloscope.
Latest design not currently available elsewhere. 70MHz for the price of 25MHz!
Designed and manufactured by the world leader in differential probes, Sapphire, rebadged by Keysight, Lecroy, and many other big names.


Bandwidth DC to 70MHz (-3dB)
Attenuation Ratio 1:10/100
Accuracy ±1%
Rise Time: 5ns


  • Impedance 4 MΩ, 5.5pF each side to ground
  • Category CAT III
  • Differential Range ±70V (DC+AC Peak) and 70Vrms @1/10
    ±700V (DC+AC Peak) and 700Vrms @1/100
  • Common Mode Range ±700V (DC+AC Peak) and 700Vrms @1/10 & 1/100
  • Absolute Max. Voltage ±1400V (DC+AC Peak) and 1000Vrms @1/10 & 1/100
    (Differential or Common Mode)


  • Swing ±7V (into 50
  • Offset (typical) <±5mV
  • Noise (typical) 1.5mVrms
  • Source Impedance (typical) 50Ω (for using 1M input system oscilloscope)
    CMRR (typical) -80dB @ 50Hz, -60dB @20kHz
  • -50dB @1MHz, -40dB @ 10MHz


Ambient Operating Temperature -10 to 40 ◦C
Ambient Storage Temperature -30 to 70 ◦C
Ambient Operating Humidity Up to 85% RH
Ambient Storage Humidity Up to 85% RH

Power Requirements

  • Standard 4 x AA cells
  • Options Power leads, Mains adapter (6 VDC / 100 mA) or regulated 9 VDC / 70 mA)

Length of BNC Cable 95 cm
Length of Input Leads 45 cm
Weight 400 g (probe and PVC jacket)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 170 x 63 x 21 mm

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