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LTspice IV is an outstanding software application for its power, its calculation speed and the universality of its applications. This is THE software that must be used to produce high performance electronics in this century where demand for quality must go hand in hand with fast development!

For over 20 years, LTspice IV has been a direct descendant of this scientific and technical adventure. It is undoubtedly the fastest software, the most robust and most comprehensive of the electronic SPICE simulators. Unfortunately, the electronic Help file is the only documentation available. It is incomplete and far behind the development of the software; many commands are barely documented, although they are essential, and some do not even appear! It was a shame that the ever growing group of users (1,600,000,000 worldwide at the beginning of 2011) did not have the benefit of a book dedicated to LTspice IV. This book was designed to fill this gap!

While LTSpice is not in its 7th version this book still applies now like it did to the then version 4.

Dave from the EEV Blog happening across Wurth books on a trade stand.

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